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Window Heads - Stock Stone Range

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Window Head / Lintel

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Our stock range of Window lintels are available in a selection of "off the shelf" lengths. Cast stone lintel lengths and prices are shown in the table on the right, with delivery around 7 days from order. Colour is Bathstone buff.

Further lengths of lintel can be created by cutting units to length and to accommodate this the cast stone units have pigment running throughout the lintel section. All window heads are non-loadbearing and must be fully supported on suitable steel lintels.
693mm £51.03 £61.24
771mm £56.96 £68.35
835mm £61.52 £73.82
985mm £72.50 £87.00
1005mm £73.66 £88.39
1120mm £82.47 £98.96
1269mm £93.14 £111.77
1405mm £103.48 £124.18
1547mm £113.92 £136.70
1975mm £145.47 £174.56
2015mm £148.28 £177.94
2545mm £187.22 £224.66

Please Note: Reproduction of colour is as close as is possible within the limits of photographic technology. Where precise colour matching is vital, we recommend you view actual product samples. Please read our terms & conditions prior to ordering. Prices exclude delivery, with availability generally 7 days from order. Norman Rhead Precast™ operate a policy of continuous development and as such product specification and prices are subject to change without notice.

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